Netbeans 9 : a little note

Netbeans 9 has just released on July 29th 2019, and now Netbeans website moves from to This is little note (and may a review) about the brand new Netbeans. Here are some notes about Netbeans 9 : 

0. Fresh splash screen

Unlike the previous version, at the first time netbeans is open, there is a fresh look of its splash screen.

1. Contains more than 2500 files.

Netbeans 9 is packed in one single zip file. The file size is about 160 mega bytes. All you have to do is just extract and run netbeans.exe in Windows or in Linux. Unfourtunately, you must be patient to wait file extraction until finish.

2. Support Java Module System

Netbeans 9 support Java 9 module system or JPMS (Jigsaw). You can set your project as module by adding file into the default package.

3. Support Java 10

Netbeans 9 support local variable type inference in Java 10. Netbeans 9 provide hints variable type declaration to “var”.

4. JShell Support

Now JShel can be accessed in Netbeans 9 in console like UI. This will improve developer productivity.

I think those are several things to be pointed out in Netbeans 9.

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